lyndsay, 23.

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Richard Burbridge

By yama-bato
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Orléans (Loiret). Architectures art nouveau. Philippe Morland, entrepreneur et maître d’oeuvre. ancien collaborateur d’Hector Guimard. 10, quai Barentin 
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Dear Hailey,

No matter how sad you may get, it’s always passing. You may wake up blue, and by the afternoon, everything will be rosey. Sadness is a strange companion. And a nuisance. So try not to pay it too much mind. And be present in your happy moments — and weigh them against the sad. It’s all worth it. And you will arrive somewhere wonderful with peace in your heart.

All my love and hope to you, young lady.

written by Paul Banks, letter to a fan (via paulbaenks)